Battling Biases

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Battling Biases gives a variety of examples of how biases are regularly encountered in the search for knowledge. TOK Samplers demonstrate TOK concepts in an interdisciplinary framework, featuring specially curated minute-long expert clips grouped around broader TOK themes.

The following experts are featured in this video:

    • The Legacy of Dualism – Uta Frith, Professor of Psychology, UCL
    • Beyond the Individual – Brian Epstein, Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University
    • Othering, Elyn Saks – Professor of Law, USC
    • Outright Denial – Paul Steinhardt, Professor of Physics, Princeton University
    • Political Influence – Richard Janko, Professor of History, University of Michigan
    • Natural Talent? – Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
    • Against Silver Bullets – David Cannadine, Professor of History, Princeton University
    • Historical Precedent – Lisa Feldman Barrett, Cognitive Scientist, Northeastern University

You were able to freely watch this video from July 3-9. Each TOK Sampler is available for separate rental or purchase through Vimeo on Demand (see here), but it’s worth stressing that every IBDP video we make can be found on Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal and is included with your subscription.  Subscriptions are offered individually ($200/year) or institutionally ($50/DP student/year).

Our IBDP website,, features additional information, including 2 videos for TOK teachers: one describing how you can use our resources for the present TOK course, as well as our TOK 2020 Transition video, detailing how our resources can assist teachers to successfully transition to the new TOK course.

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