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Three times each week we share specific insights and ideas to help subscribers to Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal get the most out of our extensive collection of video and digital print resources.

TOK Tuesdays regularly feature specific insights on how Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal can directly assist TOK teachers and students,  Extending Wednesdays highlight specific themes students might wish to pursue for their extended essay plus related Ideas Roadshow resources, while Connecting Thursdays feature concrete examples of how our resources can be used to explicitly integrate TOK across the DP curriculum.

TOK Tuesdays

In TOK: Learning How To Learn, Howard Burton shares thought-provoking insights as to why TOK is a course that truly separates it from every other high school curriculum and with the greatest potential to truly change a student’s life. 
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Extending Wednesdays

In The Role of the Librarian in the IB DP, valuable insights into the role of the librarian in the IB Diploma Programme by guest author Jennifer Toerien, Curriculum Librarian for Upper School at Oakham School.

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Connecting Thursdays

In A Body of Information, we highlight a real-world example of TOK-related thinking in Computer Science featuring quantum computer pioneer Prof. Artur Ekert, University of Oxford & National University of Singapore.

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