Extending Experience

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Until January 15th you were able to view the TOK Sampler called Extending Experience from Ideas Roadshow‘s IBDP Portal. TOK Samplers explicitly demonstrate TOK concepts from the front lines of research and are inherently interdisciplinary, featuring experts across a wide range of disciplines.

Extending Experience emphasizes the vital role our past experiences play in shaping our current understanding. Each expert clip is roughly a minute in length and is paused briefly to highlight a sample knowledge question related to the material.


The following experts are featured in this TOK Sampler:

  • Mathematical Intuition – James Robert Brown, Philosopher, University of Toronto
  • Self-Identification – David J. Goldberg, Sr Rabbi, Liberal Jewish Synagogue London
  • Learning From History – Michael Gordin, Historian, Princeton University
  • Observing the Universe – Justin Khoury, Physicist, University of Pennsylvania
  • Increased Tolerance – Elizabeth Loftus, Psychologist, UC Irvine
  • Our Need For Enchantment – Darrin McMahon, Historian, Dartmouth College
  • Losing Yourself – Miguel Nicolelis, Neuroscientist, Duke University
  • Playing Differently – David Politzer, Nobel Laureate Physics, Caltech


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