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Until January 9th, we provide limited access each Wednesday to a different one of our 7 TOK Samplers from Ideas Roadshow‘s IBDP Portal that explicitly demonstrate TOK concepts from the front lines of research.  All TOK Samplers are inherently interdisciplinary, featuring experts across a wide range of disciplines.

From December 12th until December 18th we featured on this page the TOK Sampler Making Models, examining various aspects of how models are constructed and applied across different disciplines in the arts and sciences.


Featuring the following researchers:

  • Diana Deutsch, Psychologist, UC San Diego
  • Jenny Nelson, Physicist, Imperial College
  • Roy Baumeister, Psychologist, University of Queensland
  • Karl Gerth, Professor of Chinese Studies, UC San Diego
  • Uta Frith, Psychologist, University College London
  • Paul Steinhardt, Physicist, Princeton University
  • Jennifer Groh, Neuroscientist, Duke University

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