TOK and Subject Guides

This page is in development – please contact us if you’d like to receive information about Ideas Roadshow’s new IBDP Portal which offers video and print resources for the Diploma Programme which make cutting-edge research fully accessible for teachers and students in an explicit IB context.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal provides an extensive collection of valuable TOK resources plus TOK Connections resources. Our TOK resources featuring some of the world’s brightest thinkers bring the theory of knowledge course alive in a truly unique fashion by providing real-world examples of how the theory of knowledge is used in top-level research.


We’ve created an extensive and detailed Teacher Guide for the Theory of Knowledge so that TOK teachers can easily find TOK clips, compilations offering different and often interdisciplinary perspectives from leading experts around a single theme plus TOK Samplers . All TOK  resources are organized  by WOK and AOK.



Our TOK Connections Guides for all 21 subject that our database covers detail explicitly which resources can be used by TOK and Subject Teachers to easily integrate TOK across all DP subject areas.

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EE COVER Students have access to a large collection of cutting-edge research ideas and different perspectives on a wide range of topics from world-leading researchers to support them with their research for the extended essay and internal assessments.

The guide starts with a one-page introduction for each DP subject highlighting a broad range of research ideas covered by our resources as a first step for students to start their explorations. In addition to an extensive collection of video resources, students can use one or more of the 50 comprehensive eBooks which include extensive references to directly assist them in the research process.

TOK Guide by AOK + WOK


The TOK Guide for students displays all 247 TOK-related videos with clips and compilations itemized by WOK and AOK in clearly bookmarked sections. By displaying resources by WOK and AOK, we aim to facilitate use of these resources for both the TOK essay and TOK presentation, enabling students to quickly search for matching criteria according to their needs.