About Investigating Knowledge


Investigating Knowledge is the blog associated with Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal. Every Wednesday we highlight one of hundreds of specific TOK-related themes from our extensive database of video and print resources explicitly created to illustrate the relevance of TOK concepts across a wide range of subjects.

For more information on the full extent of our resources and how they can be used for TOK, to facilitate showing connections between TOK and other subject areas, the extended essay, and as subject-specific teaching aids for various aspects of the DP curriculum, please click here.

The posts are written by Howard Burton, founder and creator of Ideas Roadshow. Howard holds a PhD in theoretical physics and an MA in philosophy and was the Founding Executive Director of Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Howard is a strong believer in the value of education and feels a strong resonance with the academic rigour and the emphasis on critical thinking of the DP curriculum through TOK and TOK-related overlaps with all DP subjects – a training he believes is invaluable for preparing students for both future academic excellence and, more generally, engaged global citizenship.

We’d like to connect with you, so please get involved and share your enthusiasm and opinions through comments, discussions, and guest postings.  Please don’t hesitate to suggest topics or concepts you’d like to see covered, or – better yet – contact us with your own guest post.  Make sure you’re subscribed so that you get notified when there are new posts.

You can contact Howard directly at howard@ideasroadshow.com or drop us a line via the blog’s contact form.