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This week you’re able to view Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP TOK Sampler called Human Sciences which explores different aspects of the Human Sciences as an area of knowledge.

TOK Samplers are innovative TOK resources demonstrating TOK concepts in an interdisciplinary framework, featuring specially curated minute-long expert clips grouped around broader TOK themes. Each expert clip is roughly a minute in length and is paused briefly to highlight a sample knowledge question related to the material.

The following experts are featured in this video:

  • Subjective Perceptions – Diana Deutsch, Professor of Psychology, UC San Diego
  • Lubricating Democracy – Martin Jay, Professor of History, UC Berkeley
  • Frozen Communication – Carol Padden, Professor of Communication, UC San Diego
  • The Myths of Mental Illness – Stephen Hinshaw, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
  • Modelling the World – Brian Epstein, Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University
  • Knowing Where to Look – Richard Janko, Professor of Classics, University of Michigan
  • Expressing Autism – Uta Frith, Professor of Psychology, UCL

All 21 Ideas Roadshow’s TOK Samplers are available for separate rental or purchase through Vimeo on Demand (see here), but it’s worth stressing that every TOK Sampler is part of Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal which includes an extensive collection of innovative, fresh TOK resources to support teachers and students and is included with your individual or institutional subscription.

Our website features additional information about Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP video and print resources tailor-made to support teachers and students in the Diploma Programme, including 2 videos for TOK teachers: one describing how you can use our resources for the present TOK course, as well as our TOK 2020 Transition video, detailing how our resources can assist teachers to successfully transition to the new TOK course.

Would you like to attend one of our upcoming on-demand TOK or DP subject webinars? Please drop us a line using the contact form and we’ll send you further details once they are ready to go!

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